Anyone knows about new versions of Solid-C?


Posted 6 years ago

Hi everyone, as most of you knows the author of Solid-C unfortunately passed away (R.I.P.). Apart from the human lost, allways a tragedy, I feel we lost a very valious component from this comunity (MSX). I'm working on a game engine entirely made in native ASCII MSX-C and I've decided to test Solid-C. I've been really impressed for 2 aspects:

  1. Fully compatible with MSX-C, no changes needed in code.
  2. The code generated is more optimal than MSX-C

I'd really like jump to Solid-C but since it's an unfinished work I'm afraid to use it and get random bugs in generated code. I wonder if Solid-C sources are public and somebody feel capable to continue its development.

Anyway, somebody has used it in depth? Do you know if actual version has any known bug? As I've said, I'm really impressed with it.

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