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Posted 7 years ago

Get a copy if you can!

The creator of this is who has helped us with Inferno's PCB. He's using cassette cases for the shells. I mentioned the idea to him, and he perfected the art using a CNC machine instead of the old "by hand" cutting method others used.

Good stuff.


Ordered mine! The Japanese version was sold out, but I managed to order the version for abroad. Not only that, but TULIP HOUSE has even done a partial refund of the amount I paid, since the shipping costs for me are cheaper. Super nice. :-)

My copy arrived a couple days ago. Initially the game seems simple, but around the second stage you realize that the game rules are complex.

Using a cassette case as the cartridge cover is interesting. :-)

I'll post a review in a few days.

Yeah, this game has been available for play for awhile AFAIK, in cassette form.

You can get the Popcom issue that has the program listing and create the game yourself.

It's a pretty elaborate game, rules wise, considering it was made 30 years ago by a teenager.

did you post text? I just see a blank space.


It's an empty comment. I fixed the dev site to reject empty comments and I was checking that I applied the change to the production site correctly.

Good thing I checked, because I hadn't.

Using a cassette case as the cartridge cover is interesting. :-)

Yeah :) This is something I saw in a home-made slot splitter in the 80s/90s, mentioned it to Arkhan a while ago, who in turn suggested it to Tulip House. I think this is the first released product using this idea though! ^_^

Yeah, I believe so.

These likely look better than the home made ones, since this is done with a CNC machine.

It's tempting to release Inferno this way, lol.

I'm interested in seeing some close up photos, because the home-made one also employed a piece of wood to keep the edge connector stable. :D

Would the cost of sourcing cassette boxes + (more importantly) the CNCing be less than buying 3rd party cartridge shells?

Talk about timing. I just posted the review today, and it has some close-up photos.

Oh wow, so that's actually wood too :D


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