MSX development on Youtube


Posted 6 years ago

Sometimes I find interesting MSX videos on youtube, either previews/WIP of future games, announcement trailers or some behind the scenes (eg showing off tools etc)

Instead of opening a new topic for every video I want to share, I thought we could have a centralized topic where we can put them all.

And if you are a developer and have something you want to show us, feel free to post here as well ;)


Sword of IANNA (MSX2)

By Retroworks, who are no stranger to MSX.

I totally love the sprite animation in this one.

Grey Wolf for MSX2 by Oniric Factor

Looks promising.

Ghosts 'n Goblins by assembler

For MSX Turbo R with V9990

Compared to earlier videos, this one looks more playable/advanced and imho pretty good!

Glad to see that you've realized we can embed videos in the posts here. :-)

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