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Posted 6 years ago

Hello ppl,

Does anyone got a version that works with hd?

Now im using mfr and a dsk image. but then i can set the b: to be hd or save on de dsk file.

i need a solution.


What program are you referring to? Can you post some screenshots?

Paint is a program running in MSX-DOS ??

What happens if you put that program on a HDD and run it from your MFR?

it freezes i tryed lots of things. somthing dos 2 does i think

The progam might try to use memoryspace reserved for the DOS.

or you could use before starting your program , you could try that.

Ok, to clarify, it is about MSX Paint IV, a BASIC graphics program.

yeah. realy the best gfx program for msx. its lovely exept it does not work on dos2

have you tried george's suggestion?

Yeah. that trick it told me multiple times. tryed again now with the mfrscc+sd.

but after loading the font file it locks down. the msx.

sounds like that might overwrite some important RAM then. nice deduction, george :)

should be easy to fix for someone who knows what he's doing ;)

its stil a hope. if i only could work with it from the map.

thinking about trying it myself to see what happens in every situation.

I will know if i found a simple solution.

if you find a solution it would be more than great!. thx for trying!

I hadn't heard about this graphics program before. What's interesting about it? Can you post a few screenshots?

The best is it got all the options you need. and 2 you need the most in game gfx making is copy/move/zoom.

it got a nice save option. so inc stamp en merge. 3d draw is nice to playwith. and the animate is great if you wanna test out your player. in other you can set your colorset 50/60hz enz. adjust screen.

When you flash the dsk file its fast. only thing is it got a nice font for all the screens it got and takes a lot of space on a disk.

when i use mfrscc+sd i can flash the dsk file but then i cant use the hdd as b: drive. and under dos 2 it will not go loading after the font load.

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