Dennis Tuckerman

Posted 6 years ago

I'm a 69 years young Vintage Home Computer user saving them from Landfills. I've recently acquired a Toshiba MSX HX-10 64k in good working order. Although I'm a Pure Mathematician (Ordinary Member of The London Mathematical Society) by trade I've worked in IT since 1979, starting on an HP-97 programmable calculator and a ZX Spectrum 48k.

Somehow I blinked and missed the 80s MSX Revolution but from the early 1980s' I was very much in the vanguard of the PC Revolution installing 8088/86 PCs (when every other company thought they were a fad, toys and wouldn't last, I was even laughed at at the time!). I bought first a Commodore Pet and then in 1982 installed the ACT (Victor Technology) Sirius 1 at 6 different locations in the UK - I remember they were £2,400 each with 2 variable speed disk drives 760k but no internal hard drive. A year later we bought external 10MB hard drives at £3,000 each and closed down a huge mainframe department in London.

MSX is all new to me so be easy on me please. I can't find a manual (book or PDF) anywhere - does anyone know a source? Are there any decent sites where I can download MSX Programs, particularly math, science and database (like dBase II)? Are there other rebadged models like the Toshiba MSX HX-10 64k whose user manual would be the same? Do all vintage tape cassette players work for loading/saving programs? I'm assuming there were external disk drives but will an IBM external 5.25 disk or an Iomega drive or even a Sony Minidisc work somehow as storage?



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