Treasures of Usas - Enhanced (SCC Sound & Turbofix, etc)

Arnaud de Klerk

Posted 6 years ago

USAS(RC-753) enhanced Version 1.00


by Victor Martinez

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USAS enhanced IPS patch download

Video demostration

This patch implements:

- SCC Music Arrangement by Koichiro

- Enables the TURBOCPU in PANASONIC TR & 2+ and ExpertTurbo

- TurboFIX routine (original routine by FRS)

- Joymega support: START = pause (thanks to FX)

- Selectable at boot: Language, sound, VDP freq., cheats...

- Enhanced sprite routines: faster, and double buffer

- Double PSG if a MegaflashROM SD is found (only with SCC music)

MegaflashROM SD PSG->Music, Internal PSG->Sound Effects

It must be in "slot expander" mode

Attention!!: You will obtain a 2Mbit ROM with KONAMI-SCC mapper type.

This version should work correctly in any MSX2 or higher.

It's compatible with the BiFi's "Emoticons patch"

Issues: not full compatible with Game Master 2.

Thanks to: Koichiro, FRS, David Madurga,FX and Manuel Pazos.

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