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Javi Lavandeira

Posted 6 years ago

I'm opening this thread because of the discussion on this news post. If there's anything else to say about the MegaFlashROM then please post it here instead of using the Carnivore2 post.

What we've learnt:

  • Previous versions of the MegaFlashROM had a bug in the ASCII mapper. This has been fixed in newer versions, and users who own an older unit affected by this problem can send it to Manuel Pazos to have it fixed. Several people already did.
  • The ASCII mapper in the MegaFlashROM is limited to 2MB.
  • Some MSX computers have a design flaw in the audio circuitry that affects the sound output from the MegaFlashROM. It's not clear whether the MFR itself has a problem as well.

If you decide to continue the discussion here, please remember the following points:

  • Pointing out bugs in a product is not necessarily an attack
  • Don't focus on what was said in the past by person X or Y. Focus the discussion on what we're going to do from now on in order to get the problem resolved, if that's possible.
  • "Works for me" is not a useful reply. Different people have different usage scenarios. A developer trying to push the limits of the machine is going to run into situations that other users never will.
  • Be constructive. If you say that something doesn't work, provide instructions on how to reproduce the problem and on what hardware (computer model, other cartridges connected to the machine, etc). Give the developer(s) a chance to respond to your post.
  • Do not downvote just because you disagree. If you disagree with something said here, post a message saying what you disagree with, and why.


I might have said that MFR "Works for me" but It also means that I have heard many people that have no problems on their regular use of MFR.

We know that MSX has an heterogeneous set of hardware and many of them have some specific issues. I encourage Pazos and everyone else to solve possible bugs found on specific hardware (and software!) and maybe keep a log of the ones that have been detected and their status.

I thank you all for your work!

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